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Jersey Barriers

Concrete Barriers Fences for Sale or Rent

Liddell Brothers is a leading Massachusetts supplier of Jersey Barriers. They meet or exceed all Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) standards, and we believe ours to be the highest quality barriers on the market. We have over 300 barriers in stock at all times for sale or rent. Plus, we can deliver and install our barriers throughout the region.

        Call Mark Liddell at 781-293-2100, or reach him by email at

About Jersey Barriers

Our barriers are steel-reinforced concrete with iron anchors. Their purpose is to separate traffic and to restore control of a vehicle after impact. They work well because they let the front tire ride up the angled face of the barrier and back down, and get the car back on the road instead of crashing or rolling.

Cost and Safety Benefits

The evidence is overwhelming that well-constructed and properly-installed Jersey Barriers reduce injuries and lawsuits. Studies have found they decreased the frequency of fatal highway accidents by 36 percent and the frequency of highway fatalities by 43 percent. Moreover, they are cheaper than steel in the final analysis, because steel requires more maintenance and is expensive to repair after an impact — in many cases, a Jersey Barrier will not require any repair at all after an accident.

MUTCD Standards

Liddell Brothers has a large supply of 32-inch barriers for sale or rent, and can deliver and install them at your site. Call Mark Liddell at 781-293-2100 to discuss your needs.


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